Sunday, December 15, 2013

Destined For Greatness

We Are All Destined for Greatness

Definition of Greatness /’grātnəs/ - The quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent

That’s the definition. But is it so simple? 

Greatness can mean a lot of things. It doesn’t have to be conquering the world. Have the courage to do something remarkable, something that no one else has ever done before. Don’t forget, you aren’t born with greatness. Greatness is determined by your contributions to the world. You can’t just be great, you need to do something to be great.

What is the secret to being great?

There is no secret ingredient. Greatness is what you find within yourself. It can be through hard work, kind acts, discipline, imagination, and so much more. Greatness comes in different forms and shapes and it can hide deep inside. You can be too scrawny and too small or too big and too tall and hold a greatness inside of you. “Thee are extraordinary in thy own ways.” 

And if your actions are mediocre, you can always change for the better. “Though your path is already drawn for you, you can always take the shortcut behind the bushes.” Your destiny lies in you and so does greatness, if you choose it so. It lies in everyone one of us. 

Greatness can be many different concepts and it all depends on your own perspective of the word and its meaning. It could mean helping your schoolmate who’s being bullied when everyone else is just watching. Scoring a point for your team in whatever activity you participate in. Every little thing is just as important and great as the larger and more notable things. Maybe like discovering America, or creating another Mickey Mouse, or even having a sandwich named after you, all are forms of distinction.

There is no limit.

The truth about greatness is that it never ends. The long line of greatness will forever continue because there is no limit to greatness. There is no limit to the great possibilities and impossibilities. There is no limit to all the great things that you can achieve. There is no limit. 

Greatness is never taught in school because it’s something you learn from everyday life. Whether you read something in a book or you saw someone using it, no one expects you to learn it like math. But, greatness is as important as everything we learn in life. It helps you with friends, life, and yourself. It gives courage to those who want and need it. Greatness is everywhere you look, as long as you look hard enough. 

How will you be great?

Written by Mellisa N. and co-authored by Jocelyn F.

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  1. What an inspirational post! I love all the wonderful details you strongly use to support your opinion that anyone can be great to any extent. As I read I felt each message display itself in front of me helping me conclude you are both very powerful with your writing. Keep up the good work!